Image Video - Reklame-Technik AG

Modern prints, labeling and custom printings.

It was a very spontaneous shoot, as it was without any planning ahead. But its not about the time you have, its about what you're going to do with it. It was a pleasure to shoot an image video for this local company for their printing-project at a local Zoo. And im glad that I can say that the video fits the modern and timeless company at its best!

Image Video - Motobene GmbH

Custom Bikes, new Interior and artistic atmosphere. 

These are just some words that fit the new Building of the Motobene Store best. Some years ago I had a Motorbike on my own and was already a client of this store, the owner is friendly and kind. So it was a big honor to shoot an awesome image video for the completely new shop and these awesome bikes.

Heres what I came up with: