Artbook 2017

It's not a normal Photobook its Art. You get some exclusive Footage which isn't available on other sources. The Reason why this Book was created, is to inspire Photographers and Travelers around the word. And to remind them that a Photo on a Phone is not the same as in your hands. This Booklet doesn't give me a lot of earnings at all. In the end I want you to enjoy the best Pictures of my Year for an affordable Price.

Enjoy my journey trough this Booklet.

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Lightroom Preset Pack

Lightroom Preset Packs are comming out soon. They are completly different from other Preset Packs you found from other Instagramers. The Preset Pack give you a special Color Tone and doesn't change your exposure or anything you still have the Control over all these Settings. These Presets help you to find a continues Style to make your Feed match to each Picture.